Reniver is an engineering company founded in 2014 specialized in R&D for connected factories with a focus on smart communication systems. For customers like Shell, Deutsche Bahn, Duracell, Niko and Meyn Foodprocessing innovative solutions are developed for communication between machines, measuring systems and software for planning and production or cloud.  

Reniver offers training/consultancy, software development services and our innovative Reniway platform. We make sure that your production data is given meaning at its source, building a strong and cybersecure foundation for smart automation systems and data-driven applications.  

As an innovation partner, Reniver will be your personal guide on the path to industry 4.0. 

Reniver office


had the opportunity to explore and develop proof-of-concept solutions with new industrial communication standards like OPC UA and becoming an expert in information modeling.

Since 2014, Reniver has been


At Reniver, we are dedicated to helping machinebuilders, manufacturers, and integrators use machine data to improve efficiency and optimize operations. We give data meaning at the source, ensuring that it is accurate and consistent. By working with us, companies can extract all relevant data from every machines and streamline their data integration projects. We offer a range of services including software, consultancy, and training to help businesses overcome machine connectivity issues and achieve their goals. Our solutions are fully cybersecure and follow open standards to ensure long-term quality and accessibility. As your innovation partner, we are experts in machine connectivity and are here to help you succeed.


Maximize your resources with Reniver!
Our vision is to help businesses make the most of their limited and expensive resources through the power of machine data. By giving data meaning at the source, we can help you extract valuable insights and optimize efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. We envision a future where companies use their resources wisely and get the most out of every opportunity. We are committed to helping our clients achieve this vision and be a better and more efficient version of themselves.