• Together with our partner Beta Research, Reniver has co-developed the Sense2Act IoT solution. Reniver focusses on Industrial IoT and implements solutions for monitoring unconnected "dark" machines.

    The tiny IoT multi-sensor can measure up to nine parameters:
        Sound pressure level (noise)
        Movement and vibration
        Magnetic field (e.g. open door with magnet contact)
        Light intensity
        Absolute pressure
        Infrared detection
        Water detection using external probe

    The IoT sensor nodes transmit sensor measurements to the IoT gateway using LoRa wireless technology. Depending on external factors (buildings/RF noise) the gateway can cover a radius of more than 1 km and handle up to 1000 IoT nodes.

    The IoT software services can be installed on premises or as a cloud service. These services allow to remotely provision and configure the IoT devices and easily integrate the measurements using a public API, OPC Unified Architecture or MQTT.

    We have reached a new milestone and are currently looking for companies to join our pilot program.

    Interested? Take a look at our flyer.
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